Preparing To Appoint Indonesian Minor Guardians Under Islamic Law

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Tengku Keizeirina , Devi Azwar


The provisions relating to celibacy are known in the Civil Code, Law No. 1/1974 and KHAI. In this study, the questions to be considered relate to the agreement on how to name parents in Indonesia before the release of Government Regulation No.29 in 2019 and on how to name parents in Indonesia after the publication of No.29. 29 in 2019. That is. Islamic law point of view. This study method analyzes the relevant legislation on the issues acquired with the help of the study of normative law, and the essence of this study is an explanatory analysis that explains the law and regulation. Based on the legal theory of the provisions and regulations in force for the appointment of guardians in all related Islamic laws. If the parent of the child is unable to bring legal action, or if there is no unspecified place of residence or place of residence, the parent's status as guardian of the child must be replaced by an eligible natural or legal person. By the decision of the Inquisition for Muslims and the District Court for non-Muslims or the creation of a tribunal.

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