Human Rights Of Women In The Constitution Of India: A Sociological Study Of University Going Girl Students Of Agra

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India is one of the world’s oldest civilizations and most matured and successful democracy. It adopted the biggest Constitution of the world in 1949, contains several articles incorporating the concept of equality, liberty and non-discrimination on the ground of sex. It recognizes human rights in the form of various fundamental rights and guarantees equal rights to both men and women without any discrimination. In 1993 the Parliament of India also enacted Protection of Human Rights Act. under the provisions of the act, NHRC was organized. At present time, women in India with the expansion of level of literacy which has made them more aware of their rights such as right to equal treatment, right to property, right to work, and maintenance and a majority of them are still unaware about their rights. As a result of this unawareness, they face discrimination, harassment, exploitation and injustice. Therefore, there is a need of promoting & protecting all human rights in order to secure full & universal enjoyment of these rights to women also.

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