Identifying And Prioritizing The Factors Affecting The Implementation Of The Active University-Student Relationship Management (U-SRM) In The University Using The Vickor Method (Case Study: University Of Georgia)

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Dr. Bahman Moghimi (PhD, DBA) , Mahmoud Dastouri (MBA)


Purpose of this research is Identifying and prioritizing the factors affecting the implementation of the active university-student Relationship Management (U-SRM) in the university using the Vikor method (Case study: University of Georgia). This research is an applied research and can be considered as a Exploratory research. The statistical population of this research is the students of selected university. the sample size is measured using Morgan table and as a result: sample size is 384 students. To collect the theoretical foundations of the research, library method and documentary studies were used the data collection tool was a researcher - made questionnaire base on Paired comparison questionnaire. In this study, the incompatibility rate has been used to determine the reliability. Given that this rate is higher than 0.1,  It shows its reliability. In this study, after collecting the questionnaires and extracting the responses to transform the initial data from the questionnaires, the questionnaires were used in use with software package excel as well as expert choices. In this section, the questions are discussed by entropy and vikor to weighting and prioritize the variables. According to the results of Vikor ranking, the operational index had the most impact and also the technical index had the least importance

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