The Effect Of The Interactive Blended Learning Strategy In Learning The Skill Of Crushing Hitting In Volleyball For Students

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Awad Younus Oudah , prof. Dr Lamia Hasan Diwan , Prof. Dr Shehab Ghalib Shehab


The effect of the interactive blended learning strategy in learning the skill of crushing hitting in volleyball for students

      The research included several important details by building electronic educational units through the story.line3 program for the integrated interactive education strategy in which the researcher targeted the details of the main section, and there are also realistic educational units targeting all sections and details of the skill of crushing hitting in volleyball for students, the most important objectives of the research It is to build virtual and realistic educational units in the skill of crushing beating for students, and to identify the impact of these units on the students’ level by testing them before and after performance and statistically processing details. Interactive blended learning and the tribal and remote tests in detail. The researcher presented, analyzed and discussed the results, and through the tables of test results for each of the experimental and control groups and the results of the post tests, it was found that the experimental group outperformed the control group in the skill of hitting the crush in volleyball for the students of the second stage in the College of Education Physical and sports sciences, and from this the researcher concluded to the effect of S The interactive blended learning strategy positively, as well as the superiority of the two groups in the pre and post tests in favor of the experimental group, and the experimental group outperformed the control group in the post tests.

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