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Kittanathat Suphan, Jinnapas Patumporn, Ranee Esichaikul


Elderly tourists influence on festival tourism Evidence in Thailand Objectives 1. To study the motivation of Thai elderly tourists at the Festival of Tourism 2. To review the conditions of Thai elderly tourists 3. To analyze the purchasing decision process of Thai elderly tourists at the Festival of Tourism 4. To study Thai elderly tourists' festival satisfaction at the Festival of Tourism 5. To test the relationship and conformity of Thai tourists' incentive structure equation model influencing tourism at the Festival of Tourism 6. To suggest guidelines for festival tourism promotion in which Loei accommodates Thai elderly tourists. This is a quantitative research model using Factors Analysis, Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA), and corroborative component analysis - Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) and perform model coherence checks. Using qualitative research methods, the researcher used structured in-depth interviews. The sample consisted of elderly Thai tourists traveling to participate in traditional festival activities in Loei Province. The researcher chose to use the questionnaire tool. Loei province has not yet formally surveyed and collected data on the number of elderly tourists. The researcher determined the sample size of 820 participants by using the quota sampling method in the area hosting various festivals and traditional events in Loei Province. The AMOS ready program was employed to compare the harmonization between the developed model of the acquired empirical data with the observed data. Consistent with the analysis results, the Harmony Index (GFI) was 1.000 while the Adjusted Harmony Index (AGFI) was 0.9680, approaching 1. The residual (RMR) equals 0.02104, which is approaching zero.

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