Analysis Of The Effect Of Leaf Litter Thickness On Soil Organic Carbon And Total Nitrogen In Coffee Plantations With Different Shade Plants In East Java, Indonesia

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Khusnul Khotimah , Prof. Suratno , Dr. Iis Nur Asyiah , Dr. Slamet Haryiadi


Each type of shade plant has different characteristics and number of leaves so that the aborted leaves will have different thicknesses. The difference in litter thickness will affect the quality of the soil, especially the organic carbon and nitrogen content in the soil. This study will examine the effect of leaf litter thickness on Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) and Total Nitrogen (TN) as well as soil pH levels in coffee plantations with different shade plants. The sampling method used the quadrant method and used the Spearman correlation test to determine the effect of leaf litter thickness on SOC and TN thickness and soil pH. This study found that each shade plant has a different effect on the amount of SOC, TN and pH. The thickness of leaf litter on the soil affects the amount of SOC and TN of the soil. The thickness of the litter affects the pH level of the soil on the surface because of leaf litter.

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