The Relationship Between Succession Planning Practices And Employee Retention In Public Hlis Malaysia

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Yasmeen Bano , Dr. Siti Sarah Omar , Dr. Fadillha Ismail


The purpose of this study is  to examine the relationship between succession planning practices and employee retention in  Malaysian Public  Higher Learning Institutions (HLIs). This study used a survey research design to establish its empirical validity. Data  was collected with the distribution of questionnaire from four technical universities. These universities included University Malaysia Pahang (UMP), University Tun Hussain Onn Malaysia(UTHM), University Technical Malaysia Melaka (UTeM) and University Malaysia Perlis (UniMap). The unit of analysis consists of academic and non-academic employees of  four technical universities. In the selection of  sample from the focused respondents (9,750) of the study ,a simple random sampling method was used. The study sample consists of 300 valid respondents. Data was collected by distributing questionnaires. Data was analyzed by using descriptive statistics and  partial least square equation modeling (PLS SEM) was used to test the study hypothesis. The empirical findings of this study revealed positive relationship between  succession planning  practices and employee retention that shows a favorable connection. This paper has made a significant contribution to the knowledge and literature of the employee retention and succession planning practices in the education sector. This study also contributed to introduce succession planning practices to retain talented employees within the organization.

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