The Views And Practice Of Educational Development In Vietnam

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Le Thuy Hang , Nguyen Thanh Thanh , Nguyen Van Phuong , Nguyen Quang Hung


Education and digging have an important role in the development of society (Tri, 2021). Today, in the world, the knowledge economy is proving to be superior and becoming a direct production force. The crystallized content of knowledge in each product determines and represents the quality of human resources, or in other words, wisdom has become the leading element of a country's power and power. It is not only social welfare but also an important lever for economic and social development. Countries that are slow to develop quickly and sustainably must pay great attention to education and investment in education is to invest in development. Only the right human development strategy will help developing countries escape their economic and technological dependence. Therefore, the development of education and training to improve knowledge to reach and integrate with the world in all aspects in each country is becoming a necessary issue. The article analyzes the views and practices of educational development in Vietnam.

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