Psychological Alienation Among College Students

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Zaid A Alkouri , Tamara M Nsair , Intisar Turki Al-Darabah , Khaled M Hamadin


This study aimed to examine psychological alienation among students of Jerash University, Jordan. The study sample consisted of 112 students randomly selected at the College of Education, Jerash University. The data for this study was collected through a psychological alienation scale (PAS) developed by the researchers. The PAS dimensions included self-alienation, social deficit, loss of purpose, social isolation, and psychological alienation as a whole. The results showed that the overall level of psychological alienation among the study participants was moderate with an arithmetic mean of 2.91 and a standard deviation of 0.49. Among the dimensions, self-alienation was the highest with an average mean of 3.34, and social isolation was the lowest with an average of 2.31. The results also showed that statistically significant differences (a = 0.05) were attributable to the effects of gender in favor of females. Also, statistically significant differences (a = 0.05) were attributed to the impact of the difference on the level-of-education variable (BS/MA).  Recommendations by the researchers referred to the importance of building psychological and educational guidance programs for college students and developing the educational strategies used in teaching.

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