Experimental Investigation Of Cheating Behavior And Qualitative Analysis Of Antecedents Of Academic Dishonesty Among School Students

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Patnayakuni Anitha , Dr. Suresh Sundaram


Education allows an individual to acquire skills and prepare for living in the world. School is an educational institute that provides space for students to learn from teachers, and learning is evaluated through exams. Dishonesty in academics decreases the quality of education, which has become common in schools. This paper explored the prevalence of cheating behavior among school students through experimental investigation and the antecedents that instigate cheating through qualitative analysis. Findings indicate that cheating behavior is prevalent among the sample of 152 from rural and urban schools with 25% and 28%, respectively. Qualitative analysis was done to explore the antecedents of academic dishonesty in a sample of 140 students. Results showed that parental expectations, peer influence, achievement motivation, neutralization attitude, and Behavioral problems are the most salient reasons for academic dishonesty among school students.

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