Portrayal Of Communal Issues In Bhisham Sahni’s Tamas

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S.Stalin , Dr.S.Ganesan


The  partition   of  India  is  a   highly painful event  whose  memories  have had  haunted  the psyche  of  many creative  writers.  The British India  was  divided  on religious  lines.  Really  it  was  a  rash, hasty  move   by  the colonial rulers  who  had not  bothered on the  proper  execution of   partitioning  the  land.   As  the  result,  the communal  tensions  ran  high ;  the  brothers  of  yesterday   became  today’s  foes ;  the gory  event of   partition  has  been  sensitively  articulated  by  BishamSahni  in his  novel,  Tamas.  The  novel  offers  a  near-impartial   portrayal  of   the  events and times of  Partition. The present  article attempts  a   study  of   communal  issues  which rocked the Indian subcontinent during the Partition.

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