Effect Of Exercise Intervention On Selected Psychological Variables: A Systematic Review

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Dr. Deepak Kumar Dogra ,Akash Sukla , Debraj Bhatacharjee


Anxiety, depression, and stress are the most common psychological concerns among the population of society. The desirable changes in mental health are obtained through therapeutic diagnosis i.e., physical exercise practice and physical activity participation which are having a great potential as a prevention and treatment for these psychological issues. The purpose of the study was to systematically review the evidences for the effect of an exercise program on psychological variables i.e., anxiety, depression, and stress. For this purpose 198 research articles were reviewed from the available resources i.e. Research Gate, Pub Med, Google Scholar, Springer, Scopus, Web of Science and sample of 38 research articles were selected for the study as per the inclusion criteria. This study was given an idea that exercise interventions were beneficial in reducing the anxiety, depression, and stress. Further, research literature evidently reported that exercise in detention environments improves mental health. Findings of the study were concluded that low to high intensive exercise practices, physical activities and participation in recreational games brought the significant improvement in psychological variables i.e., anxiety, depression, and stress respectively in place of the alternative of drugs and other clinical treatment methods.

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