Re-Intensifying Life Experiences Of Transgender Individuals Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic

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Jisha Chakkunny M. , Dr. Sundara Raj. T


Globally, the people are fighting together to survive the intensity of the different waves of Covid-19 pandemic. Transgender persons are alienated from the main stream of society. The social exclusion denies various rights and opportunities as well as perpetuates discrimination, poverty, inequality and invisibility. The main objective of this study is to analyze the life experiences, economic crisis and mental health issues of transgender individuals in the pandemic period. The study is conducted through snowball sampling method in Kollam district, Kerala. Primary data collected through interview schedule. Secondary data were collected from books, journals and internet. Research design of the study is descriptive in nature. This study shows that adverse living conditions, financial crisis and emotional distress are important barriers for transgender people to lead a happy and fulfilling life. The transgender which has a different gender identity should become an integral part of our society. It is the imperative of the times to come up with innovative reforms at the government level by formulating specific strategies and policies for their upliftment. 

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