Role Of Technology In Green Banking In India: An Empirical Study Of Private Sector Banks

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Dr. Vivek Sharma , Dr. Priyank Kumar Singh , Mr. Gopalan Ramachandran , Dr. Shweta Rani


As humanity progress through the twenty-first century, one thing that humans will sadly regret is the loss of vegetation. As everyone in contemporary society becomes more interested as well as concerned about the natural environment, corporate organisations as well as businesses have begun to change their operations in an effort to boost greenery to the greatest extent feasible. Green banking entails merging administrative advancements, technologies, as well as evolving consumer behaviour in the banking industry. The concept as well as potential of green banking in India have received special attention in order to make the environment more human-friendly as well as to boost the economic production. This research also addresses innovations made by Private Sector Banks towards development that is long-term, as well as the obstacles that banks confront in execution. The exploration is relied on supplementary information. According to the results, there is an urgent need to raise vulnerability, adopt, as well as practise green banking as much as feasible in today's business sector of new innovation in order to create the human-friendly environment as well as improve the sustainability. Sample of 287 people working in banking sector were surveyed to know the role and importance of technology in green banking in private sectors bank of India. It is found that technology play a significant and important role in green banking in private sector banks in India.

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