The Effect Of Recovering Means According To The Pulse Index To Develop The Special Speed Of 400- Meter Runners

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Dr. Mohammed Amanah Kaittan , Dr. Yahya Hasan Arrar , Karrar Jaafar Abbas


The aim of the research is to identify the effect of recovering methods according to the pulse index of the members of the research sample and to identify the development of the special speed level for the members of the research sample. The researchers used the experimental method in a tight control method (experimental + control) for its suitability and the nature of solving the research problem, where the research sample consisted of (8) A runner from the '400m Youth Run event. And they were chosen by the intentional method, as they were divided randomly, and they were distributed into two groups by random lottery. 4 runners represented the experimental group that used the recovering methods according to the pulse index during and after the exercise, while 4 runners represented the control group who followed the approach prepared by the trainer, where the procedure was conducted Physiological tests, including the pulse index, the physical tests included a 400-meter running test and a 300-meter run test from the high start, where the researchers reached the following results. It is of great importance in improving the endurance of special speed, that the procedures for recovering and calming runners after training units contributed to the development of special speed.

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