State Management Of Solar Energy: A Case Study In Vietnam

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Nguyen Duc Duong


According to Vietnam's National Energy Development Strategy to 2020, vision to 2050, approved by the Prime Minister in 2007 has set the target towards new and renewable energy sources ( about 5% of total commercial primary energy by 2020 and 11% by 2050). In recent years, Vietnam has increasingly focused on developing renewable energy to solve environmental problems, and at the same time contribute to diversifying power sources and ensuring energy security. Therefore, developing renewable energy is the right choice, towards sustainable development in the future. Vietnam is facing a high risk of electricity shortage in the period from 2021-2025, especially in 2023, the shortage is forecasted to be about 12 billion kWh. Therefore, it is necessary to develop power sources to meet the electricity demand for economic development and ensure national energy security. Vietnam has great potential for solar energy. In the past two years, there have been many policy documents with incentives , support and encouragement mechanisms to create favorable conditions for development. develop electricity face  . Although of course, the play develop very fast, bring count sudden break the attend sentence electricity The recent sun has revealed difficulties, inadequacies and challenges . The main content of the in-depth article enter to hit price real status play develop electricity face heaven, just out the exist in and challenge awake, are from there offer some solutions to gradually remove and create conditions for the sustainable development of Solar energy in Vietnam Male.

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