Application Innovation Strategy For Digital Maintenance Management Of School Building In Iraq

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Mohamed Ali Abd Al-Abaas Noaman , Sawsan Rasheed Mohammed


The project generates huge amounts of data during its life cycle, and the multiplicity of construction teams leads to the occurrence of the so-called information island, which causes the loss of basic information in the operation and maintenance phases, and increases the time and cost to access the required data, as the teams responsible for maintaining and managing facilities face a major challenge. because these teams cannot find or use the information, they need to manage this building, after completing the implementation process, we get full of engineering plans and various types of documents related to the design and implementation phases, and these data and information in paper form are difficult to communicate to the teams responsible for maintenance and are exposed to loss, the study's purpose  ,develop a system the merge various severity factors in order identify prioritizing maintenance of elements the building by using Risk-Based Maintenance (RBM) ,develop a central warehouse include to data entry, format, editing, storing, and updating during life cycle of the project to help maintenance engineers for implementing correct management of this information and ensuring that all data are available to assist in the correct implementation of operational and maintenance work , integrate BIM with cloud storage application by user interface, and data access to provide a better system and environment for digital building maintenance systems. which prompted the development of a maintenance system which including create 3D model, the work flow of information, automated and digital the elements of the model, communication protocols and security and design cloud storage framework   that allows data to be standardized into a single form. this model is used for visualization and collaboration during design, construction and operations and maintenance work that is used to produce living breathing of project, using school building as case study to cover two methodologies given as risks and assessment severity, it is based on the level of risk and equations an assessment severity and probability of elements if maintenance is not performed, and ranks them in order of priority. The study's findings may be utilized by government institutions and maintenance engineers to get a better knowledge of the application and execution of maintenance systems in Iraq.

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