Kinetic Visual Art and Its Effectiveness in Industrial Product Design

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Mostafa Mohammed Khalaf, Salah Nouri Al-Jilawi


The requirements of visual art (with its various orientations), imposed by the user’s requirements and preferences for a particular type of product, our study starts to find the basic factors and requirements to achieve the orientations of visual art and its illusory kinetic effectiveness in product design imposed by market requirements and consumer desires, and between the visual art requirements that emerge from The structures of development and industrial and design leadership that industrial production institutions seek, where the research dealt with (visual art and its illusory movement effectiveness in the industrial product), where the research problem was (Is it possible to count visual art as a design direction through which it contributes to the effectiveness of the illusory movement in the design of the industrial product?), and the research is important: being a cognitive topic that sheds light on an important aspect of the design studies, which is the subject of kinetic visual art and its effectiveness in the design of the industrial product through the study of visual art and its illusory and kinetic efficacy, which enables specialists from industrial designers and other specialists in the field of visual illusion art for industrial products, and benefit from its results to improve their studies and productions that depend Determining the type of impact and effectiveness that the products have on its recipient and user.
In order to reach the goal of the research, which is (identifying the methods of visual art and its illusory effectiveness of movement in industrial product design), the second chapter included previous studies and the theoretical framework consisting of three sections and their indicators. The first topic included (visual art and its relationship to perception) and the second topic (visual illusion and its effectiveness in Industrial design) and the third topic (illusory movement and its effectiveness in industrial product design).

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