The Defeatist Character in the texts of the Play Maqam Al-Sheikh Al-Gharib by Ibrahim Al-Husseini

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Miead Abboud Mani, Dr. Ayad Kazem Taha Al-Salami


The current research focuses on the question of the research problem: What is the defeatist character in the text of the play Maqam Sheikh Al-Gharib by Ibrahim Al-Hasani, and the aim of the research was to study the defeatist character in the play Maqam Al-Sheikh Al-Gharib. The research included three chapters as well as results, recommendations, suggestions and sources. In the first chapter, the problem, importance, objectives and terminology of the research were addressed. In the second chapter, the focus was on the theoretical framework of the research and it consisted of two sections, the first of which focused on the defeatist personality in terms of concept and perspective, while the second focused on the defeatist personality in foreign texts. In the third chapter, the society, sample, tool and method of the research were dealt with, as well as the analysis of the research sample. The results of the research showed that defeatism is a comprehensive life value that is not limited to a particular class or sex. Women, like men, have a contribution to accepting or going along with, and based on the results, a number of recommendations were developed, including the provision of theatrical texts that dealt with the conditions of battles, wars and sieges with the aim of reading the values of the human self.

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