Rose Hall's White Witch: The legend of Annie Palmer (2006) by Mike Henry

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Manar Mohammed chyad


This paper explores some of the most notable strategies and rhetorical devices, used in writing the novel, Rose hall's white witch: the legend of Annie Palmer. The implications of the concepts and theories used in bringing out the context of the paper and what they truly reflect. For example, the author of this novel, Mike Henry, used superstitions and magic to reflect the overall witchcraft power of the main character. The main character has been portrayed as a powerful witch whose Obeah power can't be leveled up by anyone within the paper context. Therefore, such a concept reflects the true characters of Annie Palmer and the reason for her authoritative position and power in the book. What’s more, the author has used the theory of a roaming spirit to showcase a reflection of the main character’s potential even after death. She is evident as the most powerful character during her time, and even at death, she is still in control. She is seen at her bedroom balcony and also riding her horse while taking care of the plantation and its inhabitants even after her death. Therefore, the use of such theories and strategies vividly brings out a clear reflection of the ideal nature of a character and, at the same time, makes the piece easy to relate with and exciting.

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