Conversation In Silence

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Nguyen Thanh Phuong , Suchat Sukna , Kanokwan Nithirattapat


This creative visual art thesis, “Conversation in Silence”. Consist of:two purposes, that is to study inspiration, by feeling accept reality and theobservation in everyday life through experience and from contradictions of myself, hidden through postures, gestures sitting, with a contemplative face, the expressions of the inner state and mood of every human being that I have ever seen and met, the surrounding spatial factors such as light, sound and weather form the story, with layers and contours, lines and colors all of which are realistic and natural.

In order to create visual art in an impressive, semi-abstract, fusion style expressed in the form of expressing the character's characteristics and thoughts, integrated in a given space, using color, line and descriptive techniques to convey my thoughts, thoughts and feelings through the characters. This creative activity is collected field data, documentary data, other information sources and media, and is more or less influenced by the creative work of Vietnamese and foreign painters. The data sources have been researched and analyzed in detailed, specific and clear to illustrate the themes and build images and other forms of expressions, through techniques and logical and logical processes to satisfy the concept and special features for the work . All in a perfect harmony summary with concept, purpose and scope of creation.

To convey the content that the topic is directed to is the inner inner heart of each person,clearly see the value of slow life, the value of relaxing moments, enjoying the flavors of life, enjoying the peace of mind, Towards the holy and perfect beauty. The result of this creation are the personal discoveries of the creator and it also gives a new look that is quite special.

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