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Duc thanh Nguyen , Adool Booncham , Suchat Sukna


This visual arts creation thesis, Wastescape consisted of two purposes, which were 1) to study about environmental waste and 2) to create the visual arts which was painting that expressed via form mixed waste was used from acrylic color and paint on canvas which conveyed the feeling overwhelmed by the problem of pollution, surprised at the terrible garbage situation. The operation of this creation was collected field data in Danang city where i live , documentary data Plastic waste – The current issue of polluted plastic waste, Da Nang faces the challenge of "white" pollution from plastic waste , and influence from creative work of Eduarado Srur, creative work of Chester Arnold. The data analysis was clearly analyzed in order to theme, form, technique, and process to satisfy of concept and specially character for visual art work piece.

The result of this creation was found  in the series of works showing the author's surprised look at the reality of environmental waste. And this creation also brought about the new particularly appearance.

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