Buddhism Roles In The Metaverse Era

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Rattana Panyapa


More people are entering the virtual world community in an era when the world is changing as a result of digital technology breakthroughs into the Metaverse. In the Metaverse, humans will be able to immerse themselves in the real world via VR glasses in the near future. As technology advances, humans will become increasingly absorbed in the virtual world. As a result, the purpose of this article is to present two aspects of Buddhism's role in the Metaverse era: 1) the role of Buddhism in the Metaverse era: Buddhism organizations must adopt the concept of Pātihāriya as a foundation for their adaptation in the Metaverse era, and The proactive adaptation of Buddhism in the Metaverse era; and 2) The two roles of Buddhist monks in the Metaverse era: (1) Buddhist monks, as Metaverse user members, should play a role with enlightenment, not dominated by the Metaverse, study the pros and cons and choose the creative side of the Metaverse, and seek opportunities to make the Metaverse useful to oneself and the public; and (2) Buddhist monks, as Metaverse members, should exist by propagating Buddhism, creating ritual services, and becoming spiritual guides in the Metaverse.


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