Women In Conflict Areas And Their Support In Peace Construction

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Maysam Yaseen Obaid & Mohammed Hameed Alwan


The study aims to identify the role of women in conflict-affected areas and the importance of providing social support to enhance their participation in peace construction. The study population consisted of (110) female breadwinners. To achieve the objectives of the study, the social support scale was used. After verifying the reliability and validity of the tools, they were submitted to the study sample. The results showed a medium level of support from parents, relatives, and acquaintances, while the level of support from social institutions was low. Furthermore, The results showed that there were no statistically significant differences between social support and the woman's assistance to her family, according to the housing type and age variables. However, there are differences according to the profession variable and in favor of independent work. The study revealed that there are no statistically significant differences between social support and women's assistance for their families according to the family size variable. The study clarified the importance of women's contributions to peace negotiations and the importance of their participation in the post-conflict transitional process in shaping the future of post-conflict countries.

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