Analysis Of Physical Education Institutions In India

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Mr. N. Bakkiyaraj , Dr.R. Kalidasan


The paper was to analysis the websites of NCTE recognized Physical Education courses, offered by Universities of India. The paper investigates such as the website page size (in bytes) and the Number of Web Pages, Total Links, Self Links, External Links and Back link or Incoming Links and the data were calculated as Simple Links Web Impact Factor, Self-Links Web Impact Factor, External Links Web Impact Factor and Revised Web Impact Factor, ranking To 85 websites of recognized Physical Education courses, offered by Universities of NCTE. Pearson correlation coefficient (r) was used to establish the association or closeness in ranking based on SWIF and R-WIF. Also this study SocSciBot 4.0 has been used for created link topology. The study revealed the four main aspect that the 1) Simple Web Impact Factor (Website Quality), Sai Nath University-Ranchi was the first position with 64.8750 SWIF 2) Revised Web Impact Factor (Website Popularity), Bharathiar University-Coimbatore was the first position with 671.9590 is RWIF 3) Pearson correlation coefficient (r) value is r = 0.02, which means ‘Very Week Positive Correlation’ among Universities 4) Link Topology, are not well connected among Universities of NCTE.

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