Ascertain of Critical Issues of Social Enterprises in Bihar

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Manish Prasad


The motivation behind exploring the study is to intently grill and approve the social enterprises i.e. have their beginning in Bihar. The main aim of the study is to know the plans and importance related to social enterprises in Bihar, which are to make sufficient space and openings to empower the beggared and dejected segments of Bihar areas.  The brilliant open doors by setting out of the independent work which could enhance and work on their way of life and lead them to a supportable degree of occupation. This study is a common outline and occasion of social enterprise at work, tenders a hint of proffer to innumerable individuals universally by giving genuine assistance by holding their hands regardless of identities, societies, or other prejudicial components. In any case, this mind offspring from various entrepreneurs have cleared the shores of Bihar like a tidal wave and became instrumental in changing the existences of modest landless ranchers and merchants, who were all until now been carrying on with a daily existence loaded with battle. It gave a successful network to them to the standard market. Therefore, the need for social enterprises is a significant term of social obligation and a method for tackling an assortment of critical cultural issues In Bihar. Thus, this paper gets the essential data from a few exploration papers to reveal insights into social enterprises in the Bihar state of India.

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