Cardiovascular Endurance Of Rowing Athletes’ Performance: Study At South Sulawesi

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Hasyim , Sulaeman , Ahmad Adil , Iwan Setiawan , Akbar Sudirman


This study aims to investigate the level of cardiovascular endurance of South Sulawesi Rowing Athletes. This research one of evidence the education of sports science research. The population in this study was South Sulawesi Rowing Athletes which joined the national competition. The sample in this study was 16 people using purposive sampling techniques with the consideration that the sample was chosen was a Rowing Athlete in South Sulawesi Province who competed at the National competition PON XX at Papua. The results reveal that the data analysis concluded that,  50% of athletes from the total sample were in the category of enough, and 31, 2 % of the total sample were in a good category. The other category 18.8% of the total sample were in the very good category. This study could be one of the description of the cause of rowing athletes in South Sulawesi province wined a gold medal at the Indonesia national competition.

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