Teacher’s Commitment, Work Discipline And Its Effect On The Teachers Performance At Senior High Schools

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Suarni Norawati , Anantatur , Mukhlis , Marilin


The quality of human resources is apart from the primary capital in development.Therefore, teachers are at the forefront of implementing the teaching and learning process,as well as being the spearhead in producing quality graduates. Teacher performance is an important factor in producing high-quality graduates. This study aims to give evidence of the effect of work commitment and work discipline on teacher performance. The sample study collected 31 teachers of the State Senior High School, while the data were obtained by questionnaires. Method of analysis using multiple linear regression. The finding reveals that Teacher’s Commitment and work discipline have a significant effect on teacher performance at State Senior High School, partially and simultaneously. School principals, it is better to be able to create a conducive working atmosphere, so that every school member, both students and teachers, would be comfortable in carrying out their activities.

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