Legal Reregulation Of Illegal Acts Against The Human Corpse In Jordanian Legislation

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Dr. Tareq Abdel Majied Mohammad Ali , Prof. Dr. Akram Trad Al Fayez , Prof. Dr. Abdulwahab Abdullah Al-Maamari


Exposure've opted to the subject of legal regulation of Unlawful Acts located on the human body in the Jordanian legislation, which ensured that the provisions of Jordanian law, the protection of the human body alive and dead and discouraged all underestimated this protection or usurped and make it a hotbed of wasting the dignity of this body, has developed a Jordanian legislation - since the founding of the emirate - legal rules of civil and criminal deterrent and anti-assault on the body and the body in any form and under any circumstances, but the realism practices of some came in violation of this protection, so he dealt with in this research my idea; buying and selling corpses, which represents the most egregious illegal acts that may have occurred on the human body and in the first from the requirement, as well as with regard to the fact that some hospitals to seize the bodies to collect dues and in the second requirement of this research, this study has concluded a number of findings and recommendations, where he was the Jordanian legislator's role is estimated in the fight against these acts of During what years of legislation with the need to kindly re-consider some of the sanctions contained in the relevant Jordanian legislation and toughened a law governing the grip on such attacks.

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