Knowledge And Behavior In Self-Defense Due To The Epidemic Situation Of The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Of The Family In The Naval Flat Community, Bangkok In Thailand

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Jatuporn Ounprasertsuk , Narongdham Tiyaphom , Jutatip Sillabutra


Background: The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) epidemic has affected all parts of Thailand. The effect of the virus and the death toll concerning the disease varied from country to country. Moreover, the number of fatalities and the infected cases in a country depended on the response of the governments regarding the availability of the healthcare facilities, contact tracing, locking down the country, and creating awareness among the people. Educating the public as much as possible The fastest will be to encourage people to have the correct self-care behaviors to reduce the damage and death of the population in the country.

Objective: To study the level of self-protection behavior from the coronavirus outbreak 2019 of the sample group in the naval flat community Bangkok.

Methods: The study had a cross-sectional predictive correlational design and included 376 families living in such communities. Descriptive statistics, Pearson's correlation coefficient, and stepwise multiple linear regression were used for data analysis.

Results: This research found that most had a high-level knowledge among 356 people (94.70%) it was found that most of them had a lot of self-defense behaviors of 329 people (88.00%). Extreme self-defense behavior. Knowledge and behavior are related in all pairs of variables. and knowledge can account for a 25% variation in infection prevention behaviors.

Conclusion: Educating is the least expensive investment. and is the most worthwhile promoting people to receive information consistent and truthful information will affect the behavior of caring people. This study was to collect data before easing measures to prevent infection. To enable relevant agencies to use the information obtained for future operations appropriately

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