Millennials And Hataraki-Kata Kaikaku

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Mohd Ikbal Mohd Huda , Siti Noor Adillah Masrol


Work-life balance has been the buzzword sweeping the world in recent years. Unhealthy working cultures and practices have been attributed as the culprit for low productivity, thus leading to low economic growth. In Japan, Shinzo Abe’s cabinet introduced Hataraki-kata Kaikaku Kanren Hou to address the deteriorating working environment which have caused high number of Karoshi and Karojisatsu, showing that Japan’s workforce due to overworking and high level of dissatisfaction among the employees. This paper highlights that the current workforce, mainly the Japanese millennials are in favour of the workstyle reforms due to flexibility to choose working style that fit their needs and lifestyle. 

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