The Role Of The Teacher In Reinforcing Social Values In Youth During The Period Of Online Distance Teaching

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Jaber Abu Al-Kian


The study aims to identify the role of the teacher in reinforcing values in youth during the period of online distance teaching, from the perspective of the teachers themselves. To achieve objectives of the study, the researcher designed a questionnaire for students and divided it into four domains. The questionnaire, after being verified for validity and reliability, was distributed to the sample of the study that comprised (121) male and female teachers who were selected via simple random sample. The method adopted was the descriptive analytical approach. Results of the study revealed that the role of the teacher in the reinforcement ranked high in all domains, while in social overlap ranked medium. The results also revealed that there were differences with statistical significance which might be attributed to gender variable in favor of females. The findings also showed that there were no differences with statistical significance that might be attributed to the variables of job title and academic qualification. The study recommends that teachers' abilities and potentials in the domain of pedagogy should be developed in light of online distance learning. Teachers’ technological skills should also be developed to cope with distance teaching as well.

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