Predictors of Truancy and Absenteeism: Their Relationship to English Performance

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Maria Leonora S. Sira


This descriptive study ascertains the dominant predictors of truancy and absenteeism. Also, to determine the significant difference and relationship between truancy and absenteeism and English performance. Utilising the 332 purposively selected Grade 11 Senior High School (SHS) students taking Academic and Professional (EAP) subjects were interpreted and analysed. The results revealed that most of the respondents were male residing in rural, 16 years old and had a family monthly income of above Php10,001.00. Family/health reasons dominate. There was no significant difference in the ranking of predictors, but the level of performance according to profile was satisfactory. Findings revealed that family income was substantial but not at the level of performance as the established profile. English performance found no influence; regardless of the identified reason, students can still perform well in their studies. The researcher recommends intervention to prevent future severe problems in truancy and absenteeism together with community members.

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