In- Demand Lodging Management Competencies In Hospitality; Industry And Academic Perspective

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Syed Aasif Bukhari , Dr. Mamta Pankaj Jain , Shahnaz Akhtar , Asra Zahoor Wani


This paper investigates the in- demand competencies required to succeed in hospitality industry. For this purpose the study explored the required competencies through in-depth interviews of prominent industry professionals and academic stalwarts through grounded theory method and furthers the perception of industry professionals and academic stalwarts regarding the in-demand competencies like interpersonal, on the job, technical and Covid competencies. For the same, the study adopted mixed approach of research, in which themes were extracted and analyzed first from the qualitative data collected through interview checklist from industry as well as academic stakeholders. Further based on the themes and literature scanning (“The Employment and Training Administration model”) the questionnaire was designed which was used to collect data from the respondents. The study used descriptive statistics to analyse the data that lead the emergence of top ten competencies that are required by the lodging sector academicians and lodging management professionals

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