Building A Cognitive Achievement Scale For The Skills Of Smash Hitting And Defending The Court In Volleyball For Students

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Awad Younus Oudah , prof. Dr Lamia Hasan Diwan , Prof. Dr Shehab Ghalib Shehab


Building a cognitive achievement scale for the skills of smash hitting and defending the court in volleyball for students

The problem of the research was that the researchers played the game and realized that when teaching skills, there is a slight neglect of preparing cognitive achievement measures and applying them to students so that there is a real assessment according to solid and correct scientific bases, which is the basis for diagnosing the level at which the student is, and the aim of the research is to build a scale For the cognitive achievement of some basic skills in volleyball for students, and the sample of the research was the students of the second stage in the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences. Discriminatory, internal consistency, and how to measure stability by the half-segmentation method and the VCR, and then the researcher applied the scale to the sample in its initial form, and then it was applied definitively so that the students are then subjected to the methodology that the researcher followed through the electronic content and the measurement of students after the end of the presentation of the educational program used for students.

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