The Impact Of Social Media Platforms In Enhancing Vocabulary

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I.Christ Helan , Dr.P.Tamilarasan


Social media platforms (SMPs) is a wide range of platform  used by many people around the  world in different fields like  business, politics, education, and personal enjoyment (Kapoor et al., 2018). However, the use of social media platform for English language vocabulary learning is still under-research. Furthermore, recent studies in Vietnam and Indonesia have recommended that further research should be conducted regarding the use of SMPs for English language vocabulary learning and indeed for learning English as a second language (Indari & Putri, 2018; Tran, 2016). This paper targets to review the research on the use of SMPs for vocabulary learning. Out of 30 peer-reviewed articles, only 10 studies were relevant to SMPs and vocabulary enhancing. It has been recognized that SMPs are effective in improving learner engagement, motivation, and vocabulary development. It suggests that SMPs are valuable tools and resources to facilitate learning. This study also declares how the social  platforms cause positive and negative influence on language learning. The data analysis of study are obtained from a questionnaire. The questionnaire data was then analyzed using SPSS. The findings clearly reveals that social media enhances language learning and vocabulary.

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