Informational Risks –Its Implications On The Child, Sponsorship Mechanisms

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Dr. Fouzia Zenkoufi


The information age, or the age of information revolution, is the result of a leap in communications and a breakthrough in information technology, resulting in traditional criminal activities taking a new form in terms of the illegal exploitation of this technology, which is termed as the information crimes, and this became a significant threat especially when it comes to children. The special nature of these new crimes and the difficulty of determining their legal nature makes it the subject of special attention directed at protecting children from the threat of this type of crime.

                The recent criminal phenomena, which poses a significant threat to children, especially in its sophisticated methods, became a security concern not only in Western countries but also in Arab countries. This has necessitated a scientific research about this phenomenon, its causes and how to address it to save this special segment of society.

               Therefore, the rapid and dramatic development of communication technology has led to the production of modern means of social communication, which have greatly affected the category of children, due to the universal attraction of the Internet, which comes at the forefront of these developments without a competitor.

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