Development Of Combination Of Tangguh Village And Tourism Village In Dawuhan Village-Central Java Province To Increase Community Income

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Adrie Frans Assa & Chablullah Wibisono


The community and the village government ar extraordinary by working together to create a disaster-resilient village so that disaster-resilient communities and villages are realized and can develop their regional potential by creating tourist villages. Dawuhan Village has the potential threat of floods, disease outbreaks, fires, and landslides. All of these disaster events have different risk intensities. The threat of these disasters illustrates that Dawuhan Village is a disaster-prone area that needs attention, especially for disaster risk reduction efforts. This study aimed to analyze the development of a combination of resilient villages to increase people's income. This research uses a qualitative design with a case study research approach. This study uses the Miles and Huberman model to analyze the data, whose analysis is carried out continuously until the data is saturated. Data was collected using field observations and in-depth interviews with the community and village government as primary data and supported by secondary data. The results of the analysis of this research are the development village into a tourist village, and the village opens new creative and innovative business opportunities for the community to increase their income and create new jobs. Business opportunities that were previously unthinkable by the community.

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