The Implementation Of Standars Of Nursing Care To The Application Of Patient Safety In Daya Hospital Makassar City

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Sri Rahayu Suparman , Indar , Muhammad Alwy Arifin , Amran Razak , Muhammad Syafar , Lalu Muhammad Saleh


Patient safety is a system established by hospitals to prevent and reduce errors in patient care resulting from negligence or errors in care provided. Daya Hospital is a hospital with a high enough patient safety incident rate where in 2018 there were 13 cases, increased to 35 cases in 2019 and decreased to 8 cases in 2020.This research aims toanalyzing nursing care standards on the application of patient safety at the Daya local public hospital (RSUD) Makassar City.  The type of research used isanalytic descriptive with cross sectional approach. The number of samples in this study were 73 nurses and 167 patients withaccidental sampling. The analysis used is univariate, bivariate and multivariate analysiswith Chi-square test and logistic regression. Based on the results of the Bivariate analysis, factors related to the application of patient safety were nursing assessment (p = 0.047), nursing diagnosis (p = 0.29), nursing planning (p = 0.009) and nursing implementation (p = 0.037). Based on the results of multivariate analysis, the most dominant factor was nursing planning with (OR=4.171). The conclusion of several variables that are most related to patient safety is the nursing planning variable which is the most important factor in implementing patient safety.

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