Immigration, The Pain And The Struggle Of Belonging To Forge A New Life

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Dulam Srinivasa Rao , Dr.P.Rajendra Karmarkar


The relationship between poverty and migration is the subject of this research paper. Evidence suggests that migration reduces poverty by helping some people to get employment in foreign countries by utilizing their education and skills. It also reveals that poor migrants, who donate organs and borrow money at heavy rates of interest, spend it on the migration process. They struggle a lot in foreign countries to survive because they lack the education and skill to get employment. This article falls under the category of British and Postcolonial Literature. It focuses on topics that deal with real-life situations which reflect the current refugee crisis. Sunjeev Sahota and Monica Ali are the two writers whose families originally come from the Indian subcontinent. They have devoted intense efforts to casting light on the personal ordeals of migrants. They have pieced and rehandled the stories, by carefully reviewing the available sources of information. This article examines the texts, The Year of Runways by Sunjeev Sahota, which focus on illegal migrants and their struggle to adapt to native cultures and traditions. This paper sets out to explore the novels from a postcolonial perspective of migration.

Sunjeev Sahota is a leading figure in contemporary British literature. Despite the fact that he writes in a familiar style his novels address some of the most tenacious social and political issues of our time, from social dislocation in contemporary India to the hidden labour behind Sheffield takeaways to the radicalized generation responding to twenty-first-century British society. The stories are set in Northern England, but the themes of his two best-selling novels, as well as the author's lifestyle, are deeply global. Sahota divides his time between his Sheffield home, his Indian family, and an international diary of literary work. Last year, Sahota has become the first University Writer in Residence at Leeds Beckett University, participated in a British Council trip to promote contemporary British literature in Russia, and won the EU Prize for Literature during the immediate aftermath of Brexit.

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