Revenue Administration In Erumbeeswara Temple At Thiruverumbur During Chola Period - A Study

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S.Vanitha , Dr. B. Perundevi


India has a rich Architectural heritage spanning over 2000 years, and there are monuments spread across the length and breadth of the country. The geological diversity of the nation provided different materials for the construction of these monuments.  The temples in the Tamilnadu are constructed out of granite. The epigraphic records found in a South Indian temple are usually rich in their content and constitute the main contemporary evidence to get an idea of the patronage it received from kings and people alike through the ages, and the dominant role it played in the life of the people. Though most of the inscriptions are usually donative, they incidentally throw much useful and welcome light on the prevailing political social and economic conditions as also the system of temple management and administration. Erumbeeswara temple is one of the oldest temples have more than 49 Chola inscriptions. In this paper an attempt is made to throw light on the Revenue administration of Cholas revealed from the inscriptions of this temple.

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