Right To Strike Of Workers: A Psychological Analysis

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Dr. Prahalad , Mr. Sanjeev Nimesh , Mr. Amit Baisoya , Mrs. Kanika Gaur , Mr. Veerpal


Strike is a form of industrial dispute and unrest. Strikes are characteristic social cum economic problem an industrial society. They reflect abnormalities in human relationship and inflict injurious consequences upon employers-employee’s relationship and impede economic progress. The indirect losses of strike are probably greater than direct losses. Social costs of disrupted industrial relations are heavier than their economic burdens. Serious disorders, even the use of violence, often accompany strikes and lock-outs and tend to alienate public sympathy as they did in the recent strike by workers of public sector banks. Apart from wanton destruction of life and property and disruption of social organizations these strikes impair the economic life of the society. Strikes are becoming quite frequent. For industrial peace and harmony it is absolutely necessary that both employers and employees should know their statutory rights regarding strikes.[1

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