Study Of Conflict Resolution Skills Among Aspiring Teachers In The Digital Era

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Seema Karthikeyan , S.Malathi


Learning conflict resolution skills can help to manage hard situations and improve communication skills. Without them, our lives would be more challenging. In the technologically advanced world, conflict resolution techniques are extremely important. The strongest resource of the twenty-first century is the inclusion of technology into every individual's life. Life skill education is strongly intertwined with information and communication technology (ICT). This study emphasizes the aspect of conflict resolution skills that have been alienated by the digital world and investigates the impact of conflict resolution skills on the behavior of teachers. 300 student teachers from the Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala, India were selected to investigate the role of conflict resolution skills. The skills assessment tool developed by Fisher and Urys in 1994 was used for the study. The collected data were analyzed using percentage analysis, Mean, Standard deviation and Test of significance of mean.  The findings revealed that there were significant differences in student teachers' conflict resolution skills depending on the institution and residential locality.

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