The Effectiveness Of Employment Ethical Analysis Approach While Teaching Historical Issues In Developing Decision Making Skill And Students’ Attitudes Toward History

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Sanaa Mahmoud Al-Dmour and Hani Hatmal Obaidat


This study aimed to identify the effectiveness of employing an ethical analysis approach while teaching controversial ethical historical issues in developing tenth-grade students' decision-making skill and their attitudes towards the subject of history. In this study, the quasi-experimental method was implemented to measure the decision-making skill test on the historical and ethical controversial issues in tenth-grade students (sixty-eight students). In addition, students' attitudes towards the history subject were measured. The measurements' reliability and validity were confirmed. When the decision-making of skill test was applied to the historical and ethical controversial issues, a significant difference was observed favoring the ethical analysis approach, which can be attributed to the teaching method. The results also showed significant differences on the scale of students' attitudes towards history due to the teaching method and in favor of the ethical analysis approach. It can be concluded that steps of the ethical analysis approach used in teaching controversial issues in history improve the decision-making skill and students’ attitudes toward the subject of history.   

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