Impact Of Crippling Anxiety On The Learning Of NonSwimming Students In The Department Of Physical Education At Birzeit University

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Waleed M. Shaheen


The current study aimed to identify the effect of crippling anxiety on the learning of non-swimming students in the Department of Physical Education at Birzeit University. The researcher used the descriptive approach due to its suitability for the nature of the study. The study sample and population consisted of (69) male and female students registered in swimming no. (1). The study was conducted in the pool of the English School in Ramallah, and the researcher used statistical treatments for the data by extracting the arithmetic averages and standard deviations for each of the paragraphs of the questionnaire. In addition to the t-test, Pearson’s correlation coefficient, and the stability equation Cronbach Alpha. As this is done using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS).

Among the most important findings of the researcher is that anxiety negatively affects the learning of swimming for non-swimming students and delays their learning. As the Crippling Anxiety affects the learning of beginners who do not practice swimming, whether male or female, and of all ages, given that fear is a natural and necessary reaction to protect and preserve oneself.

The researcher made several recommendations, including preparing students for a good psychological preparation to get rid of fear at the beginning of any process of teaching swimming. Also, instilling self-confidence among students during the stages of teaching swimming courses.

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