The Effect Of Using Kahoot On Jordanian EFL Ninth-Grade Students’ Reading Comprehension

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Hadeel Saleh Al- Khamaiseh , Dina Abdulhameed Al-Jamal


This study aimed at investigating the effect of using Kahoot on Jordanian EFL ninth-grade students' reading comprehension. A sample of 66 female students was distributed randomly into an experimental and a control group of 33 students each. The data were collected using a quasi-experimental design through a pre-/post-test for both control and experimental groups. In terms of data analysis, One-way MANCOVA and One-way ANCOVA were used to answer the research question. The findings revealed that there were significant differences between the two groups' performance in the post-test in favor of the experimental group. Therefore, the researcher recommends using Kahoot in different EFL skills and different levels of students.

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