Effect of Biological Insecticides on Three Harmful Sugarcane Pests

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Sabbour M.M , Nayera.Y.Solieman


Sugar cane crop developed in an enormous region in Egypt. It is a significant yield since ,it produce sugar. The harvest swarmed with numerous hurtful creepy crawlies which causing a ruinous to the yield. Chitosan and nano chitosan assessed on their bothers which swarm the harvest. Results showed that, the yield expanded in the space treated with nano chitosan followed by region treated with chitosan. LC50 of chitosan and nano chitosan recorded that, Chilo agamemnon 110 and 87 ppm. The LC50 of Sesamia cretica recorded 134 and 100 ppm for chitosan and nao chitosan , separately. LC50 of Saccharicoccus sacchari give 100 ppm for chitosan medicines and 77ppm for nano chitosan medicines. In the field tests, the heaviness of sugarcane were huge expanded 1.3 crease and 1.5 overlap after treated with chitosan and nano chitosan during season 2018. During season 2019 the sugarcane weight huge expanded to 1.5 and 1.7 overlay treated with the relating microbes. End the nano-chitosan promisingly affect sugarcane bothers.

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