Least Mastered Topics in Mathematics and Freshmen Students’ Perception of Mathematics Learning in the New Normal from a State University in the Philippines

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This descriptive study sought to determine the least mastered topics in Mathematics in the Modern World (MMW) course and describe the students’ perception of new normal mathematics learning. It was conducted in a State University in the Western Visayas region in the Philippines with 77 freshmen college students as participants. Researcher-made test and asynchronous focus group discussion guide were used as instruments of the study which were analyzed through frequency count, percentage, and bar graph for quantitative data and thematic analysis for qualitative data. Results revealed that the least mastered topics of freshmen college students in MMW were statistics concepts, problem solving, and logic. In addition, students’ perceptions of new normal mathematics learning include difficult and challenging; willingness to learn despite the crisis; interesting and exciting mathematics in the new normal; and positive attitude towards mathematics learning. Hence, higher educational institutions might explore possibilities of curricular innovations, technology integration in mathematics instruction, pedagogical retooling for teachers, and recalibration of instructional materials to respond to the demands of the new normal or the next normal education. The least mastered topics may inform teachers handling MMW in Philippine Higher Education Institutions (HEI’s) to design ways on how to make these concepts more comprehensive and easier to understand by freshmen students.

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