Geopolitical Collision: Towards a Theoretical Rooting of the Concept

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Anas Saad Abdulaziz, Ali Faris Hameed


Keeping pace with contemporary reality, which is characterized by a great deal of fluidity and renewal, creates a heated epistemological debate about the ability of concepts and theories to explain phenomena, events, political transformations, and rapid changes. It certainly does not limit the value of international and strategic studies. Instead, it tries to keep pace with the changes witnessed by the international environment in its cooperative and collisional aspects. A debate has always been an effective tool for building knowledge. Every event, issue, or crisis requires framing it with a concept that corresponds to it. Therefore, this theoretical foundation is an attempt to give an explanatory vision of the geopolitical collision. It aims at coming up with a meaningful explanation that gives a clear picture of what we infer about the political practices, with the appropriate concepts and perceptions, or presents a theoretical approach that is compatible with the political act or the existing event, which is extracted from geographical maps, geopolitical data and the dynamics of international and non-international actors, All the above explains what the geopolitical collision is.

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