Factors affecting the working women’s online impulsive buying behaviour in Gorakhpur District of Eastern Uttar Pradesh

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Jyotsna Rai, Rakesh Kumar Yadav


Online impulse buying is a crucial component that might yield favourable results for online sellers and advertising firms. “Personalization of advertisements”, “advt value”, “website aesthetics”, and consumer “information-sharing concerns” are being used in social media marketing contexts, and strategies are also being framed accordingly. However, little research has been done to explore the potential association between these stated factors and working women’s online impulse buying behaviour. The current research sheds light on the effect of these identified social media factors as a precursor to women consumers’ online impulse inclination, an area of particular importance in online business scenarios. This research suggests and examines a conceptual model employing various factors to determine the working women’s online impulse buying inclination in Gorakhpur District.
The survey results showed the favourable effect of personalized advertisements, advt value, and website aesthetics in predicting consumers’ propensity for online impulse purchases. It also indicated the negative association with consumers’ information-sharing concerns. The study concludes by sharing some academic and managerial implications.

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